Here’s a tip for all of those companies out there that originally hired a graphic designer to design your company logo.

Now let’s say that today you’d like to start a new, long awaited marketing campaign and you’d like to hire a new graphic designer to orchestrate the project. Way to go! You provide your new designer with your logo files only to find out that the files you provided are not in “vector” format. This seemingly minute detail can cause some extra trouble for you and your designer. Note: Immediately following the completion of your newly designed logo, always be sure to ask your graphic designer for your logo’s vector file(s).

Vector files are editable files which usually carry a file extension of .pdf, .ai, or .eps.

Now let me explain why you need vector files…

Vector files are very important to graphic designers especially when it comes time to resize your logo. If it is in vector format, your logo will remain crisp with sharp edges, whether your logo is enlarged or reduced in size. If you provide your designer with a non-editable image in a file format like .jpeg, or .png, once your logo is resized to the proportionate size of the new marketing campaign material, your logo may appear to be blurry with unrefined edges.

If you do not have the vector file and/or do not know how to get in contact with your previous graphic designer, it may be time to think about rebranding or just giving your logo a simple makeover. If you’re thinking of sticking with your original logo design, your graphic designer will most likely need to remake your logo from scratch. This process may cost a few extra bucks, but will be well worth it in the end because your new marketing campaign look fantastic.


Hope you find this information helpful. As always, feel free to shoot me an email or contact me via my contact form if you have any questions.


About the Author

Laura Freeman currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She began her career in design by working at her husband's small web development firm. Today, she uses her eye for art and symmetry to effectively design print and web media for clients across the United States.

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