While search engine optimization is simultaneously made up of several different factors, written website content definitely plays a huge role in how search engines will view the importance and relevance of your website. The wording that is used on each of your web pages is pretty important, however your home page is many times the most important as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

Find a trusted friend or co-worker to proofread for quality, clarity, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes.

Laura Freeman

When coming up with appropriate wording for each web page, try to keep the following factors in mind and be sure to include clear, descriptive details and information within your webpage content. While it may be difficult to flat out answer each of the following questions, try to include detailed information pertaining to the key elements surrounding each question. Remember, it is good practice to at least try to include as many relevant details in your website content as possible.

  • What is your name and/or the name of your company?
  • How would you describe your business, services, and/or the products that you offer?
  • Which city/state are you located in?
  • Who is your primary audience?
  • Which specific keywords or phrases would your core audience be searching Google or another search engine for?

Once you have a draft of your webpage wording, read through it aloud a few times and be sure to turn any negative words or phrases into positive ones. Including positive words or phrases will draw your audience in while complimenting your business, products, and overall entrepreneurial spirit. Always keep in mind that if you need help finding more intriguing or better wording choices, you can always visit Just type in your common or misfitting word and search through similar words until you find the perfect replacement.

The last step is possibly the most important: be sure to have a trusted friend, co-worker, or web professional proofread for quality, clarity, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes.

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About the Author

Laura Freeman currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She began her career in design by working at her husband's small web development firm. Today, she uses her eye for art and symmetry to effectively design print and web media for clients across the United States.

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